How it Works?

    On the Highways:

  • Patent protected embedded system will provide flashing light strips fixed to crash barriers with motion sensors on either side of the sharp bends on the highway for highly visible HAZARD WARNING and helps oncoming vehicles to safely negotiate sharp bends during heavy rains, dense fog, and night times.

  • On the Roads:

  • Patent protected zebra crossing mandatory system helps create safe passage for pedestrians on urban roads and highways going through cities and village junctions, especially at unmanned intersections.

  • Patent protected EIT Highway HAZARD WARNING SYSTEM with motion sensors fixed to poles on either side of the highway located at 100/200 meters from unmanned junction, as and when traffic passes through, the sensor will trigger flashing speed breakers installed on the road surface

  • EITS help pedestrians cross roads safely by alerting amber and red lights at a distance of 50 meters from each other (depending on the speed limit valid for the road), with red lights being installed next to zebra crossing.

  • These speed breakers embedded with amber/red LED flashing lights can’t be missed by drivers because they appear on driver’s primary vision of the road and as an extension flashing LED strips embedded in poles can be installed on either side of the road

  • At the unmanned intersections too the poles and the LED flashing lights operate in synchronization to enable the driver maneuver the car safely across the road